Family & Friends of Murder Victims

Weekly Healing Circle support meetings
To begin in March 2010. Please check back soon for more information

We offer one-on-one listening sessions and group support events (Healing Circles) to families who have had a loved one taken by violence. Through these meetings we seek to make connections between people who have experienced murder in their families and attempt to build a new community and relationships for those left behind, in addition to strengthening already-existing relationships. We also work with families to identify survivors' present needs and then work together to meet those needs. Please contact us if you or someone you love would benefit from this type of support.

While we do not solely reach out to families in death penalty cases, we are mindful that litigation in a number of capital cases is reaching a conclusion and execution dates may be set within the next year. We particularly wish to be of support to victims’ family members at this new stage in the legal process. Cases usually come back into public focus as executions approach, and we understand that family members may be subject to unique pressures at this time. In the coming year we are making it a priority to visit with these families to identify present needs and to help them navigate the often-overwhelming legal system and unrelenting public attention.